helpful tips

What should I wear?

Beauty: Beauty is formal wear. The evening gown should be floor length for Glitter divisions, age-appropriate, and should reflect the delegate’s personal style and compliment their personality. Tiny and Mini divisions may not have strapless style gowns or be two- pieces. Mr. Division contestants are encouraged to wear a formal suit for this area of competition.

Outfit of Choice: Outfit of Choice is the perfect opportunity to show off an outfit that doesn’t quite fit into any of our other categories. Make sure your outfit is age appropriate.

Theme wear: Contestants my wear anything that will remind the judges of the given theme as long as it is age appropriate. The theme varies from Halloween wear, Holiday Wear, St. Patty’s Wear, and Summer Wear.

Crowning: For crowning, contestants can wear the dress they wore for beauty or another dress of their choice fitting the wardrobe guidelines.

Hair and Makeup:

Tiny, Mini:

Age appropriate makeup for Stage Competitions

False eyelashes and midriffs showing are NOT allowed

May not have strapless style gowns or two pieces.

Junior, Teen:

Age appropriate makeup for Interview and Stage Competitions

False eyelashes and natural hair extensions are allowed

Miss, Ms., and Elite:

Makeup, false eyelashes, and hair extensions are allowed.

Interview Tips:

When a question is posed to you, take 3-4 seconds time to gather your thoughts and frame a coherent reply. Do not launch into an immediate answer. You tend to make more mistakes and lose the entire structure of your reply.

If it is a ‘yes-no’ type question, you are required to justify the choice by elaborating your answer. Simply answering with a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’ is not counted as a valid answer.

Each answer should be marked with conviction. You should communicate your beliefs to the audience in your brief speech. Start off with ‘I staunchly believe that’ or ‘I feel’ A confident answer makes a long lasting impression.

There are no standard right answers for any question. You should be able to communicate your individual belief and convince the judges your line of thought. Speak decisively. It is your ability to deliver the responses and confidence that is judged more than your point of view.

Avoid using fillers while replying. Fillers are the words or sounds that are used to fill in the gaps while speaking (ex. like, um). Eliminate this habit with constant practice. Fillers will not only portray you as an under confident contestant, but will also make the judges lose interest in your responses.

Finally, be yourself! It’s okay to make a mistake, the judges are looking for young ladies with a great attitude!