In order to participate, you must agree to the following:

I have read the age divisions and I have entered the correct division.

I agree that if I am selected as a titleholder, that I will be under the sole and complete management of Glitz and Glitter Pageants LLC. I will not give any written or verbal endorsement of any mercantile or commercial or charitable organization without first obtaining written authority from my Pageant Director.

I attest that all information that I have and will submit is true and accurate. I understand that falsification of information will result in immediate disqualification and the forfeiture of all prizes.

I agree to display good sportsmanship at all times. I understand that engaging in slanderous behavior, including but not limited to posting negative or inflammatory messages to the internet, harassing judges, staff, or fellow contestants via telephone, mail or internet constitutes poor sportsmanship and may result in immediate disqualification. Any court or civil action will be paid by the contestant/parent.

I give Glitz and Glitter Pageants LLC permission to use my name, likeness, photos, video and information for purposes of publicity, advertising, and promotion in radio, newspaper, print, website, social media and any other medium and understand that I will not be paid for their use.

I understand and accept the selection of judges from the pageant officials. I understand that their selections are final. There are no refunds for any reason nor are entry fees refundable nor are they transferable.

I understand that Glitz and Glitter Pageants LLC and its staff, employees, and pageant personnel, including photographers and vendors are not responsible for accidents, injury or theft incurred while at or traveling to/from the pageant. I hereby release said pageant officials from any and all liability.

By submitting entry fee and entry form I agree to abide by all the rules and regulations., and that all information is true and accurate. I also understand that some rules may change somewhat and I agree in advance to any and all changes.

I understand that I may re-enter from year to year. If I win a title I may compete in any other pageants as long as I do not have to relinquish my title.

I understand that if I am disqualified for any reason or I am unable to fulfill my duties, any and all gifts including crown and banner will be returned in excellent condition to the offices and director.

I am of good moral character and have not been charged with or convicted of any crime and I am not and will not commit any act inconsistent with the highest standards of public morals and conventions or reflect unfavorably on the pageant, its representatives, sponsors, or licensees and will not act in a manner that may discredit the company, fellow contestants or themselves.

I will not allow my family members or anyone else within my control to act in a manner that may discredit me, my fellow contestants or Glitz and Glitter Pageants LLC.

I will not make any false statement or commit or attempt to commit any fraud preventing the impartial decision of the judges.

Glitz and Glitter Pageants LLC is not responsible for health issues that may result from close contact. Please do not arrive at this pageant if you are feeling sick or under the weather. If you are running a fever or have a cold, please do not come to the pageant. A very ill contestant may not have their entry accepted at sign‐in or may be asked to leave the line‐up area and asked to leave the event without refund.

Glitz and Glitter Pageants LLC is not responsible for any injuries or accidents that occur before, during, or after the pageant. Please use caution when entering, exiting, and walking on the stage and on property. You are not required to use the staging area for competition. Enter at your own risk.

Glitz and Glitter Pageants LLC is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged items. Please do not leave any valuables unattended

If you have concerns, please direct them to the office at We have an open door policy and will open‐mindedly review and respond to each concern by email within one week of the event. Placement at a pageant or disagreement with the judges does not constitute a legitimate concern. Remember, there are no refunds for any reason.