Please take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions. If your question isn’t here, feel free to email us and we will reply promptly.

Everyone has to start somewhere! Our judges are unbiased and contestants are not scored on physical beauty. We are looking for confidence! So, if you just be yourself and let your confidence and personality shine through, you’ll have the best chance at securing the crown.

Young ladies ages 0-19 are eligible to compete in our pageants.

It costs $50 to compete for one of our available titles. Contestants will also have the option to sign up for our optional competitions for $10 each. 

Entry fee includes:

  1. Formal Wear, Outfit of Choice, and Holiday Wear.

  2. Pageant sash.

Yes you can! Keep in mind that it costs $10 per entry and entering more pictures does not increase the contestants chances of winning.

After paying the entry fee, send a picture of your entry, contestants name, age, and which optional competition(s) you would like to enter to sarahrigney@glitzandglitterpageants.com. You may use the same picture for each optional competition you would like to enter, but if you send multiple pictures, clearly mark which picture you would like to use for each category.

For Talent: Contestants will only need to bring what they need for their talent (music if singing to music, etc.) Keep in mind you will only have 2 ½ minutes to showcase your talent.

For our in-person pageants, you can bring as many supporters as you’d like! Every entry includes one (1) ticket for the contestant to bring someone. If you’d like to buy additional tickets prior to the event, you may purchase them online for $10. Tickets are $15 dollars at the door. Each ticket gives one entry into the audience choice vote.

Age division refers to the group in which the contestant will appear before the judges in competitions.
A division winner will be crowned from this group (example: ages 0-23 months will have a winner, and ages 2-6 will have a winner.

Age Category refers to the entire group of contestants from which the Queen will be crowned (example: 1 overall queen will be crowned in the age category of ages 0-6, in addition to the division queens).

All score sheets will be available for purchase for $10 the day after the pageant . Email sarahrigney@glitzandglitterpageants.com to receive an emailed copy.

Contestants will compete in the following 3 categories:

On Stage Interview (Personality walk for tiny and mini divisions) 25% of Score

Evening Gown (Beauty) 1/3 of Score

Outfit of Choice 1/3 of Score

Holiday Wear 1/3 of Score

The judges will be looking for an all around winner. She may not be the most outstanding in any particular category, but she will score highly in all categories. The judging is based on poise, personality, intelligence, and beauty.